Privacy Policy — Andoku Capture

Last updated 01 June 2018

This policy applies to all versions of “Andoku Capture”, an Android app that captures Sudoku number puzzles from newspapers or other physical sources through the device’s camera.

By using Andoku Capture you are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy. You also accept that this privacy policy can be updated from time to time for any reason. The latest date of changes is published at the top of this page.

Collection of Data

Andoku Capture records camera sensor data from the device it runs on. This is done solely for the purpose of detecting and capturing Sudoku number puzzles.

Advertising and Analytics

Andoku Capture currently does not display adverts nor does it collect information about your usage of the app or about your device. It has reserved the necessary app permissions to do so in future versions though. For displaying ads or using analytics in upcoming versions the app has full network access and it can view both network connections and Wi-Fi connections.

Contact Us

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